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On a New/Old Path (originally published 2-1-2019)

Hello all! I have now owned Truly Materialistic (TM) for well over 15 years! Truly a milestone for me. I will say that I love what I do with TM, but I hate what I don't do with it!!

For those of you who only know me here, and online elsewhere, I am a professional Graphic Specialist in a full-time position with the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians in Harbor Springs, MI. I work on graphic elements for fliers, ads and other materials the different departments need. I work with my editor to put out a newsletter that ranges from 24 to 32 pages for the tribal members each month. Non-tribal persons may see it at or pick up one in person when visiting the Governmental Center in Harbor Springs.

When I am not at work, or traveling to and fro, I am home with my Mom working on other endeavors. My Mom, Mary, was diagnosed with fourth stage Pancreatic Cancer over 4 years ago. They gave her 6 months to live... She wouldn't listen! She decided not to go with traditional medical treatment and has chosen a natural path and to live the rest of life to the fullest. I am very thankful that I am able to work enough to keep her home so she can enjoy life as much as possible.

When she was first diagnosed she had decided to send a card to each of her friends before she died. I went shopping for cards, but couldn't find any that were "her" or that seemed affordable (she has a very long list of friends!) at the time. I found a Sizzix die cutter on clearance at a shop and figured it would be cheaper to make our own. Let's just say that I had NO idea of what we would end up with lol! We have enough card making supplies, dies and paper to open a shop!! I will say that it was the best decision I ever made. On good evenings, and sometimes on the weekends I'm home, we sit across from each other making cards and enjoying the chance to chat just about everything! This is huge for me. I love her more than anything or anyone on this earth. It wasn't always like that. It is why I cherish it so much now. I wouldn't change anything, other than the dieing part... That said, we live, laugh and love. We both have a strong faith in our creator, Jehovah, and look forward to a bright future together. For now we go day by day and take the time to make cards for friends and for residents at local nursing homes.

When I'm not card-making, there is the jewelry. Oh I do so love crystals!! As with much in my life, there is an abundance of jewelry making supplies here. I occasionally sell my creations on Instagram as Truly Crystals, at local local craft shows and to friends that pop in to take a look at what is new!

When Im not card-making or working on new jewelry creations, there is the fabric! It has its own room. A room bigger than my own!! Of course! I do admit though, I sew more out of the house than in it! I have the Mackinaw Quilters Retreat twice a year (2 retreats back to back in May and October each year), visit Caroline at Caroline's Sewing Room (West Branch, MI) as often as possible and stay with 2 absolutely wonderful friends in Rochester, MI whenever possible. Those are the places I sew lol! I do a lot of collecting at home!!

AND all that said, when Im not card-making, jewelry creating or quilting, I work on new designs and patterns that I dream up. Don't worry, I get plenty of down time. As a matter of fact, I am currently watching the 13th season of ER while vegging. I like the old shows. Especially the fact that I can skip scenes or episodes I find I really do not wish to watch. I tried to crochet while watching, but my hands have been unkind and don't want to! It's been chilly in our neck of the woods and at my ripe old age (I'm kissing 50) I feel it in my joints frequently.

And now, back to why I hate what I don't do... I want to take my designing/teaching quilting more seriously. I have the tendency of going 200 miles an hour or at a dead stop. It makes it difficult to be productive in my own business. I do realize that is very common. I just don't want to let TM go to the wayside in my life. I am so thankful that I can teach in Mackinaw at the retreats! I try to come up with something new each season. I'm hoping that by setting up a blog and keeping it going, it will encourage me not to let TM be the last thing on my to-do list! Mind you, Mom will always come first, but I think you gathered that already lol!

I do want to say how thankful I am for all those that have encouraged me through the last 15 years to keep TM alive! A special shout out to Mike and Sue Miller, owners of Hearts to Holly quilt shop in Charlevoix, MI. Many years ago I had decided to stop trying to make new patterns. I was going to school full time and working and, and, and... Sue and Mike were such an encouragement to keep me creating and designing! If they hadn't been there I might not have the ability to say it's been over 15 years! I thank all of my friends, fellow fabric lovers, customers, students and loving family members who have believed in me all these years. My life is full thanks to all of you!

With that said, I have to go... I thought of a new pattern I want to try! Soooo... I am going to spend my evening on Photoshop previewing and playing!!

​Wendy - A Thankful Quilter!

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