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It's Here! AND it's FREE!

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

We all love free things! From samples at the grocery store to apps and computer programs. This is where I get excited!! This new quilting tool is not only free, you do not need to download anything to your computer AND it is extremely helpful in planning a new quilt! As you may have noticed earlier on my Facebook page and Instagram, I announced the collaboration of Truly Materialistic with QuiltInk. What is QuiltInk, and is it even worth the 'free?' YES, YES I say!!

QuiltInk was created by Catalina Barcelo of Amarar Creations. This is a FREE web app that allows you to see quilt designs from various pattern designers and color them! For one, it's fun to color lol! But what I like most is that you can not only find a pattern you like, but you can test and see if a color combination will work well with that pattern BEFORE you buy the fabric!

It is free for you to color and plan a quilt and if you like the design, you can follow the link to the designer's webpage and purchase the pattern. You can also 'hang' your colored quilt on the design wall for all to see your beautiful work of art!

Each design that is posted on the site shows various sizes and types of quilts. There is even a filter so you can choose a specific style of quilting i.e. Traditional or Applique.

The hardest part for me was deciding which patterns to showcase! I decided to list 3 of my favorites: Flights of Fancy, Easy Street, and Summer Breeze. I look forward to adding more to that list! I encourage you to get on there and try this great new quilting tool out! It is amazing how many different ways there are to color all of those quilts! So get ready, set, and go color some quilts!!

And now the extra bonus. Drumroll please.....

I am giving away 1 of each pattern I have showcased at !

How would you like to WIN 21 different quilt patterns featured on QuiltInk? Of Course you would! Here is how:

To celebrate the @quilt_inklaunch, 12 amazing pattern designers have partnered to bring you a great Instagram GIVEAWAY.

📌There will be one winner for 21 patterns. Check the list below and the posts of the designers to see the pattern(s) in the prize.

📌The winner will be announced ‪on February 15‬ (deadline to participate ‪February 14‬).

📌All you have to do is follow these steps:

1️⃣ Register on QuiltInk at

2️⃣ Follow @quilt_ink.

3️⃣ Like and comment on the original post (on @quilt_ink) tagging 3 friends.

4️⃣ Follow all the participants:

The big 🎁 is all these amazing patterns in pdf format:

@amarar_creacions: 1 Starlike Quilt Pattern, 1 Internationa Modern Alphabet Pattern and 1 Marine Serie Origami Animals Bundle (6 FPP patterns)

@madejustsew: 1 Retro Metro Pattern

@faithandfabric: 2 patterns of the winner's choice

@tamarinis: 1 of the featured patterns on QuiltInk

@marlene.kissedquilts: 1 pattern of the winner's choice

@juliawachs.designs: 1 Green Lake Pattern

@freebirdquiltingdesigns: one each of the 3 patterns showcased on QuiltInk

@kileyquiltroom: 1 Evolve or Starweave Pattern

@trulymaterialistic: 1 pattern for each design posted on QuiltInk

@indigo_shima: 1 Gratitude Quilt Pattern

@acorcornerquilts: 1 Talking In Circles pattern (upon release)

@hoffmamacompany: 1 Slow Dance Quilt PDF Pattern, 1 Cabin Fade Quilt PDF Pattern, & 1 Weighted Quilt PDF Pattern

You must be 18 years old to participate. Instagram is not responsible nor sponsoring this giveaway.

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I fell into the coloring pages and and can't stop! thank you so much for also introducing so many friends.

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