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Good, Bad, and the... Happy? (originally published 8-25-2020)

It is horrible to say....but covid changes have been good for me! Other than missing travel and seeing friends in person, it has opened a lot of opportunities for me. At the onset, it made me work from home. Good side, i'm not putting a ton of miles on my car and I'm saving at least 2 hours a day in travel time. I don't eat out, except on my every 3-4 week shopping trips. I'm cooking at home and truly enjoying it. Bad side, I am near a refrigerator ALL the time - Ive gained everything I lost after Mom died. Good side, it allowed me access to my 401-k to fix up my house, bad side, couldn't get work done because of no workers to be in the house or gathered to fix the roof. HOWEVER, good side to that - I just found out that DHHS of Michigan will be taking my house! The deed to the land is in Mom's name and so they are taking it to pay back her food stamps and medicare she used! If the workers could have been here I would have sunk thousands of dollars into a house the state would take! I now have a nice downpayment for a new home. I'm hoping to be in by next summer. Bad side, my retreats and classes are out as I am not willing to risk myself or others by gathering. Good side, I am learning to teach via the internet which means I can teach all over the country from the comfort of my home! How amazing is that! All in all, covid changes have been good to me so far. I am still hiding from covid in hopes of delaying any exposure to it. In the meantime, I hope you all have found some good in this crazy time of change. Due to the renovations being canceled, I will be unpacking the supplies to start working on them again and weeding out things I will not be needing to move to the new house. Another little delay in getting back to a sense of normal. For now, I have time to adjust. I truly do not miss the rat race of before covid!! Stay safe all, and find something to be thankful for! They say happy people live longer than others, so find your happy and thrive!!

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