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FINALLY!!! I am starting to settle into my new PERMANENT home! With Mom's passing, and then COVID, life went into a whirl. I moved 3 times in one year... UGH! But it is over and now I am unpacking, Yay!

It was a long story. The State of Michigan decided to force the sale of Mom's house to repay the food stamps she used. I tried to buy it, but they wanted market price for a house that needed more money tossed in for repairs. I couldn't afford what they wanted. I found a house in Cheboygan, MI that wasn't perfect, but in my price-range. THEN COVID happened and house prices skyrocketed. Thankfully the family selling the Cheboygan house agreed to not raise the cost. They were stuck in probate and I moved into an apartment temporarily in Petoskey, MI....twice....

I had hoped the move from the house would be over in a few days, but it didn't work out that way. I fell and dislocated my shoulder, tore my rotator cuff and bicep! This cut my move in half! I finally got the second half of the house moved 4 months later.

Finally probate was finished with the Cheboygan house, but I was in a lease for a few more months yet. I decided to have a building inspection done. Best thing I ever did!! Sadly, the house had foundation and mold issues that made its cost beyond what I could afford. The day I lost the Cheboygan house I knew my cousin (waiting to be my new roommate) and I would soon be homeless!!

I started praying. Then I prayed. Then I prayed again!! Knowing that with the current market I wouldn't find what I needed in my price range I looked at Zillow to see what might possibly be available, knowing there wasn't anything! I had been looking at Zillow just for 'fun' each week. I put in the exact same search info in and a house popped up!! It said it had been posted for 3 months but I had never seen it! It was a 3 bedroom 2 bath with a large garage and shed!! AND in my price range!! We saw it that week, placed a bid and got accepted immediately!

We finally moved in last October! We have plans to turn the garage into my new quilting studio! My cousin is a seamstress and we are making the living room a sewing area. I have a space for my cardmaking and a split space for the jewelry supplies. It is truly an answer to our prayers!! Now we continue to unpack.

With that all happening my next joy will be attending and teaching at the next Mackinaw Quilters Retreat in Mackinaw City, MI. I HIGHLY recommend this retreat!! It is organized by June and Mike Davis. June is a longarm quilter from the Upper Peninsula. They do everything possible to ensure we have a nice retreat at a great price. It is a UFO retreat that not only has a Quilt Shop in the lobby but several other vendors as well. You can stick to your projects or take one of the classes that the shop and other teachers offer. If you want more information on the MQR retreat you can find it at .

Lots of changes and now we shall settle in for new adventures! I have a head full of new pattern ideas!! Here I come!

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