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Missing, but still here! (originally posted on 5-19-2019)

I know, it has been ages since my last post! It hasn't been a kind year so far and each time I sat down to post I found myself complaining. I did NOT want this to be an outlet for my complaints so I waited it out for better days.

I missed the first half of my bi-annual quilt retreat, Mackinaw Quilter's Retreat, but enjoyed the second half. I met many new faces and embraced many old friends! And I so badly missed many from the first half. I can't wait to see everyone again at the October retreat.

The Mackinaw Quilter's Retreat is the highlight of my year! And often as I sit at my sewing area I am asked how nice it is to sit and see the great lakes and it's beauty. Honestly, it's ok. You see, I kind of grew up there and it's beautiful, but nothing new. We seem to do that, don't we? We take everyday surroundings for granted. I try not to, but time gets in my way. I am trying to slow down enough to see my surroundings and their beauty. I am, sadly, beginning to reach the place in my life that I am forced to slow down, physically at least!! My mind still whirls with new thoughts, patterns, and songs that are sure to be remembered later but are lost almost as quickly as they are formed. I am learning to use my cell phone as a memory keeper of sorts...that is when I'm not leaving it behind at home or work!

I think about quilt designs being that way too. Some are new and exciting (you HAVE to try Serenity!!) and some are old patterns we have forgotten or gotten used to, so they seem to be forgotten. My next pattern/kit, yes I am going to start cutting again, is a simple stand-by but can be laid out in so many ways. I should have it up and ready soon. I will be traveling next month but will be here all of July. I hope to get more accomplished this summer than this year has been so far. We shall see!

Momma update: She is doing well and says hello! It is now over five years since her diagnosis of fourth stage Pancreatic Cancer. Her Dr. says that if she makes it another year she will be the oldest survivor he has ever met! She didn't do traditional medicine, so no surgery or Chemo. She found an old Ojibwe cancer cure and has been using that. If anyone wants to know it is Essiac Tea. I'm just happy that we keep her pain in check mostly and she is on no higher dose of pain medication than what she had two years ago. We thank our creator, Jehovah, every day and are happy to be still together making cards! Thank you to all who buy Mom's cards! She is putting the money to good use on flowers and Welch's grape jelly for her large group of Orioles that come each year. They are so cheeky!! One fella comes to the shepherd pole close to the front window and calls to her to come and feed him. Once his bowl is filled, he eats to his heart's content and then comes back to the shepherd pole and sings to her. He has been doing this for four years now! I'm so glad he remembers Mom's kindness and repays her with his beauty and song!

​Well, it is almost 8pm here and it is time to wake Mom from her nap so we can make cards this evening. I may be getting older and slower, but life is still pretty great!

Until we meet again, may you all have many beautiful days to enjoy!


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