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Sunny Side Up! (originally posted 2-7-2019

As many know, we have had some troublesome weather of late! For the most part, I annoy all my friends as I LOVE snow. And I mean LOTS of snow!! BUT, sadly this winter has me seeing the blues a bit. During my last "run away to quilt" at my friends in Rochester, MI, I hurt my knee. I am happy to say that up to this point I have never had knee issues.

It was sore and stiff but I found that the more I exercised, the better it felt. A week later I was shopping at Sam's Club. Due to back/hip issues I always use the motorized carts for shopping. Unfortunately that day they had several down for repair and the rest were busy. I reasoned that if I went slow and rested if I got tired or sore that I would be ok. I was so happy!! I made it completely around the store with minimal pain and wasn't tired in the least! I waited up front on the outdoor furniture until my shopping buddy was ready. All was good and I walked to the van and loaded up fine. I got into the van and stretched to buckle up and my knee snapped.

I have honestly never felt that kind of pain before, and I don't really want to ever again! By evening I couldn't put weight on it at all and had my first ever ambulance ride to the ER. I ended up tearing a couple of muscles in my thigh and calf. All they could offer was pain medication and crutches. I took the crutches but passed on the meds lol. I learned a long time ago that pain meds don't take my pain away, they just simply make me not care. Id rather be lucid and in pain than mentally dimwitted and so called out of pain.

Now Im not telling this for pity or concern!! I am doing well, just a little slower and sore. This is where the weather has really been hitting me. The cold has been a bear on my sore knee, leg and hip. Im also finding that the arthritis is making itself know due to the cold.

In the past this would have really depressed me. I have dealt with depression for many years. Truthfully, as far back as I can remember. I know it is a chemical imbalance in the brain and most of my family suffers from this brain disease! I choose a natural source for my depression other than medicines that have been offered. It works 90% of the time and I enjoy "it" immensely. No, it isn't quilting, though I wish!!

I have had many makes and models, ages and colors of my magic cure. Thankfully I am not allergic to it, but it does get expensive occasionally. I'd like you to meet my current prescription for the blues!

One of Mom's antidepressants is being able to watch her birds in the yard. We have a great collection of chickadees, doves, nuthatches, orioles, finches, ravens, hummingbirds, cardinals, pileated woodpeckers and even eagles occasionally. As usual there are feral cats that come and try to feast on these delectable treats with wings. We get so irritated that people can't be responsible for their cats and take care of them instead of dumping them or allowing them to have numerous batches of unwanted kittens.

One stray was very good at catching its prey. It scored 3 birds one day! Much to Mom's sadness, it caught one of our cardinals. We have 2 regular mating pair and it took a long time to lure them in and get them to stay. Mom is famous for her specially mixed peanut butter cakes in the winter and her oriole juice in the summer. She announced that I needed to do something! NOW! This was the first cat, since we moved in 14 years ago, that was not only very successful but diligent to come every day for its feast.

At first I refused. I WILL NOT be the crazy cat lady that feeds the neighborhood strays!! But after the cardinal was eaten Mom was so upset that I gave in. It was winter and I did feel for the little thing. I took a small bowl of dry food and placed it under the bird feeder. The cat was happy to find it and ate every drop and left without its normal hunt. Each morning Mom reminded me to fill the bowl.

By the third day she saw it arrive and I was a little late in getting out there. I finally got out there as it was half way across the yard. It saw me and started yelling at me and ran to me. As it wrapped itself around my ankles, my heart melted. I had lost my previous cat 6 months earlier and had decided I didn't need another. I was ok with feeding this one outside, but well....

I decided to name the little guy Stanley. Don't know why, he just looked like a Stanley! After a week of feeding him I noticed that he had gotten into a fight and was a little tattered. I wanted to take him in BUT, that would require a little more expense than I could handle. Mom called the local shelter and they said they would take him, clean him up and let me adopt him! We agreed! One of Mom's caregivers caught him and put him in a carrier and my best friend took him to the shelter while I was at work. Then I got a phone call...

It was Raina, my best friend and sister from another mother. She said that she had just come from the shelter and there was an issue. Stanley was a Stella, and pregnant! Oh no! I didn't really want a female and couldn't take kittens too! I called the shelter and they said they would be glad to let me adopt Stanley once she had her kittens and could be separated from them. They kept the name Stanley so we would know who she was lol. I COULDN'T call her Stella--that is my bosses name lol! Stella is a great boss, but I couldn't picture myself calling for my cat by her name lol!

Long story short (which as you see, is hard for me) it wasn't kittens, just a belly full of worms. I was able to adopt Stanley after a couple of weeks. And she received her real name - Sunny! She is truly the sunshine in my life. She talks, a lot!! She wakes me up in the morning with excitement and love, lots of love. She is a big cuddle buddy and loves to play soccer with her jingle balls. She is still a bit of an alley cat. She loves trash and enjoys dumping the small trashcan in my bedroom to root through it for something to play with. Sometimes she drives me nuts, but at least she keeps me smiling and laughing! And did you notice? She wears her love for all to see under her chin!

For those of you that enjoy the company of cats, you know what the wonderful and crazy little creatures can do to make things look a little brighter! I am so thankful for my little furry antidepressant! I may have to hobble through this winter, but at least it will be on the Sunny side up!

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